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Models wanted! 

If you are a model working in Nottingham, get in touch and we'll put you in our Directory! 

Along with a brief bio and introduction, You just need 7 strong images with which to market yourself along with the relevant permission to use them for your promotional purposes. (if in doubt, contact the copyright holder)

You can have the choice of either direct contact to you or contact via us, whichever your preference is. (Please read out terms and conditions)


Please note, we are not a 'Model agency' and by listing on this directory, you are not represented or managed by us, but we do get a lot of enquiries from people looking to source models for various projects. We always go to those we know first so 'you gotta be in it to win it'. This service is an advertising solution, dedicated to the creative types in Nottingham. 

For a limited time only, this directory is freely available for you to use to advertise yourself. We do however reserve the right to control want content we put on our website and who has a listing. Should we feel that a little development would benefit you before we list you, we will suggest a solution that you may choose to embrace or not. We will however refuse to publish images that may not do you, or us any favours with regards to content or quality and we loathe 'self shot in the mirror'  Images. I'm afraid these won't appear in our directory. Images that have the potential to cause offense whatever their subject matter will not be used. We may also refuse a listing on the grounds of the nature of work you are seeking. This website is intended for models and supporting services. Offers of escort services and other industries will not be passed on and should you be offering these services via this website. you will be removed. 

Should you be an agency looking to list your models, please get in touch via email. this service is intended for self employed, freelance professional models but should agencies be interested in listing represented models, we can offer a solution.